,,Business delevepmint. &..food technologist

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Legally separated
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
Always happy & smiling parsan ..
I have magically eyes..

...I am a sports man and I have keep fit my body with exercise , with 5 to 6 kilo meters Walk in park daily and keep daiet in eating....
Than ..look smaller as my age

Food technologist of confectiory iteams .4 years diploma in food technologist & business dovlevemint....
My mother & father pased away .Playing cricket club level in Lahore Pakistan .with Waseem Akram Abdul Razzaq ..Muhammad Yosaf... As a AllRaundar. Fast bowlar. And hard hitting batsman papular for my long sixer out of the park in lahore ...i start heard boll cricket in mintoo park
menar a Pakistan Lahore.. Under coaching of ,, Saleem Malik ,, in vectores club... My highest batting score is 154 on just 97 bolls with 8 sixes and 13 fours.. I make 7 hundreds and 32 fifties.
My best bowling is ..in 5 overs 6 wickets against jest only 16 runs with a maden over.. And win the match and anuce man of the match against a papular team ...
In age of just 17 ....
I have win a students union election of ,, President ,, in the school in just 5 th class and beat a senor student of 8 th class..
By just 4 votes..
I also actar of dramas on stage in school ..I act the role of.. Tipu sultan.. Mehmood ghuznavy. Muhammad bin qasim.and Tariq bin zeayad.......
I have strong taqwa. I fear & love to allahaa greatly and strongly.
I will try and desicribe my self as best as I can....
I am so hard working.ambitious. Very loveing. Caring and kind natured....
Humble kind hearted down to the earth and simple person with great successful in the business and I have stronge experience..
I am very straight forward polite decent and modest and have been brought up to have good manners....
I make the effort to offort all 5 prayers daily at their set time although this can be improved on..
May allahaa greatly help me to achieve that. .....insha allahaa...
I know Business insiders...
..Successful people know how to excel in a new work place..
..A key way to lay the groundwork for a successful run in your new business is by establishing achieve able goals...
..you should also take the time to establish socialites through out the office..
..Even if you are not sure now exactly to complete the an exciting opportunity, go ahead and say...... Yes..

..Say yes absolutely even though you have no idea what lies ahead and may be this is the right decision or maybe it's not but who know and who cares..
,,author and speaker Danny' Rubin wrote in a Business Insider post..
I have also a big experience in the business of property & estate..
I know how a costumar wants to me.
And how l make a confirm deal.
And a customer satisfaction is my target...
I know basic necessities of a business.
I am so loving. Easy going. Papular in the friends for current a friend ship party he says we are feeling very borring until you joining them...
I am also have many friends on Facebook all over the world. They are mostly like to see my posts and sheard in the world..
I respect a woman who love to me and I have give him save hands ..shaward him rain of love. Beucose a woman is the foundation of my life building .. My love being him strong...

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What I Am Looking For
I am looking for my self a partner
1ist option .I want to like a widows that I give him respect And give him save hands with my love if she forget the pain of his past.and looking with me a brighter future..

2nd options is a davosed..I feel pain of heart of a divorce Women ..a man cut his heart in pieces with only three words....
Pls note ,,,,. I say that to all my Muslim sisters or Muslim daughters don't contact or SMS me. ..if your age is under 33 years..... Thanks
I have wants a professional women ..

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Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
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over 50,000
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Legally separated
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1.80m (5' 11")
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Dark brown
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food technologist & business dovlevemint
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