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A Little Bit About Me
I guess people first impressions of me are that I am a very easy going laid back individual. However, I take my duties and responsibilities very seriously.
I would say I am quiet in a large group but in a smaller setting more of my character/personality comes through.

I am currently working as a Government employee and have a very stable enjoyable profession.

Like most people I enjoy travelling and have been fortunate enough to travel to some countries a highlight being Japan.
I look forward to visiting many more places in the future so that I can continue to learn about about other cultures & traditions.
I performed Umrah this year during Ramadan and plan to do Hajj pilgrimage in the future aswell ia.

In my past time I enjoy running and I regular compete in the Great Manchester 10K Run every year.

I enjoy cooking, watching sports, movies and I also drink tea (love a good Yorkshire brew). One of my little quirks is collecting different Tea samples from the places I have visited.

Some of my favorite films are Tom Hanks Big and 500 Days of Summer. I enjoy shows like:
Levison Wood Walking the Himalayas;
The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor;
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)
Master of None (Netflix)
(small insight to my personality I guess)

I am a happy go lucky person, light hearted individual. I maintain a positive outlook to life.
It goes without saying I enjoy spending time with my little nephews and nieces.

I do my daily prays, donate to charity, read the Holy Quran. I try to follow the principles of Islam to the best of my ability and do the basic fundamentals as required. Admittedly I am looking to improve my deen and seek more knowledge in Islam - hopefully this is something I can do myself aswell with encouragement from others.

I guess that's a short snap shot of me.....feel free to say hello

Please also only contact if you have a photograph. A lot of the profiles on here are hidden or without one...its simply a matter of knowing who you are communicating with and having mutual attraction and not to waste anyone's time.

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What I Am Looking For
Lot of the profiles on here appear to be based on what the family is looking for.... Or on behalf of the individual.
What simply happened to what the actual person wants...

I just really want someone as simple as it sounds just give me a chance to get to know me.... Without asking if I own this or that, where do I plan to live.. What my family background is etc
If it works great if not after speaking it's not compatible then no harm down we move foward and ia meet the one after.

Please also note I am only interested with profiles who have a picture as mine is up. I have no idea why 98%of the profiles are hidden on this site.

I hope to meet someone with a happy outlook to life, light-hearted with good vales/morals and sees the good in people first. Not necessarily the traditional housewife role but still upholds Islamic values/traditions. Relaxed in nature & keen to learn about other cultures/traditions not afraid to enjoy the smaller things in life from time to time.

I tend to get along with those who are a little bit different/quirky. I would not want someone who smokes unfortunately as I don't like that smell. I am more than happy to get family involvement if there is mutual attraction & compatibility at first instance.

Please also note I do not own a fancy BMW or a Mercedes. I also can't offer someone a house at this moment in time. My search has come across as those who want everything now and not willing to work together to build a future.

Although I do have a house in both Wales and Manchester. I do not own a house in London.

Please also note I am diabetic I have been since I was 14; unfortunately lot of families appear to have an issue with this. However i am not ashamed and will can look after myself and will continue to do so with or without someone.

Please also note although I work & live in London (since 2012) I am looking for someone open to the idea of relocating.

I do apologise if my statements come across as strong but my experience trying to find some one has been difficult and troublesome and I just don't want to waste my time any further.

Not sure what else to add but feel free to ask all the necessary questions and good luck to everyone.

I am open to all cultural backgrounds.

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I'm registering to find myself a partner
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