Looking to complete half my deen

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Greater Manchester
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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

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I am only on here to pursue a halal relationship within the boundaries of Islam. Therefore family involvement and istikarah early on will be important to me if we find a compatibility with one another.

Practising muslimah looking to complete half her deen.

I love working out daily and swim regularly keeping fit is really important to me.

The most important thing that defines me is my religion, I'm constantly on a journey back home to Jannah. I sometimes get lost and need a companion to help guide me the way.

I teach Science in a secondary school which I really enjoy, as education is a passion of mine. I love children and hope to start a family one day sooner rather than later, and don't really wish to work that much whilst the children are young as I feel those early years are vital in their development leading to a more grounded life in terms of duniya and akirah.

I love to see the cup as half full rather than half empty and don't believe any problem can not be overcome with a little patience and dua.

I aim to be a good wife InshaAllah but hope to marry someone patient when I fall short. I like to have a laugh and feel humour is vital in any relationship that I have as its my natural state to enjoy every moment I can. I love life and aim to enjoy it when I can, so long as this does not interfere with my journey back home. I understand the importance of seriousness in the deen but I don't believe it requires us to live a life of sadness. Although once you start thinking about the world around you and all the terrible things that take place it's easy to feel sad and hurt. That goes onto one of my favourite things in life Charity, I would be so happy if I found a partner who loves to be involved in charity work. Helping others is a great passion of mine, I became a teacher so that I could inspire children to change their lives and aim for a brighter , better future.
Teaching in Abu Dhabi for a few years was an amazing experience and allowed me to travel to some amazing places. I would love to one day teach abroad again but hopefully this time with my future husband if that’s what he also wants.

I love to cook but more so for others , I guess it's the compliments I am after. If my food is not followed by amazing compliments expect a very salty dish the next time.

I chose not to pursue marriage for a long time due to my mother suffering from cancer and my father passing away. الحمد لله my mother is cured now by the grace of Allah.

My father left behind a wonderful family so I feel blessed how he bought us all up. Faith is very important to my family but they are still educated as my father always said you have to live in this duniyah too. My siblings are all doctors and pharmacists.

For my parents nothing was more important than faith if we didn't pray this would upset them more than a failed exam. You can still be nothing with a degree but everything with Iman no matter how poor or hard your life is.

In order to keep within the etiquettes of Islam I will always only correspond with one person at a time so even if your profile is of an interest to me and vice versa I won't be able to correspond until I am free to do so. I just believe there will be more Barakah and it will prevent me from window shopping as you deserve so much more than that.🙂

Any more questions feel free to ask.

What I Am Looking For

A kind practising muslim whose main goal in life is to please Allah SWT.

When I imagine my husband it would be someone who loves ❤️ Islam , who adheres to the Quran and sunnah .

He would be funny and not too serious except when life and deen entailed this.

Attraction is important to me but at the same time good character is so much more important, you can marry someone attractive but if their character is ugly very soon thats all you see.

He should be someone who works, lazy people are a big turn off. I don't expect my husband to earn a lot of money as I know my risq is written but I don't want someone who does not work.

I see it like this , both partners have a role to play and it's vital that both plays their part in order for a marriage to work well as a great team.

My husband will be my best friend, I really want to love him more than anything and respect him the way Allah ordained us to do. Your happiness will mean my happiness and I hope that I can die with a husband that I pleased both with his heart and eyes.

I will always ask to see a photo as I will not feel comfortable talking to anyone without a face.

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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United Kingdom
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Science teacher


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