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Never married
United Kingdom
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I'm registering to find myself a partner
A Little Bit About Me
When I am not working, I read avidly. I love fiction and have an amateur interest in Psychology. I am most relaxed when I am reading.
Travelling is the love of my life. I especially covet the heat, natural beauty and places of historical interest. Walking and being out are what I most look forward to. I appreciate exercising and eating healthily to maintain my energy and fitness.
I also enjoy spending time with family and friends and having a laugh with them. I find sarcasm funny, even when it's not supposed to make you laugh.
The people I admire and like most, are those who help themselves and others.
I enjoy the arts, especially plays and serious, gritty films. I only watch a maximum of one film a week, unless I can be persuaded otherwise.
I try to live ethically and
practice the five pillars. Honesty is something I hold very dear. I feel strong relationships are built on honesty and sensitivity.
I have a basic grounding in Islamic beliefs and tenets. I occasionally go to dhikrs and mawlids.
I hope to offer all the qualities I look for, in a spouse.

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What I Am Looking For
I am looking for someone to share my life with.
Someone to talk to, someone to laugh with and someone to love.
I look forward to enjoying the blessing of having a husband who provides me with companionship and love and who is happy to financially provide for us.
My vision of marriage is a partnership where we treat each other with kindness and respect and give each other emotional support and practical help.
I look forward to sharing my life with a man who enjoys life, so a good sense of humour would be lovely.
Someone who is kind, generous and hospitable.
I would be most likely to find someone who is well- groomed, attractive. However I find chivalry and good character more attractive than any physical attribute.
Ideally someone who practices the five pillars, without exception- I.e. if you do most of your prayers but are trying to pray them all, then I feel our values would still be aligned.
A man who is as open- minded and flexible as Islam allows for.

I would like to meet a man who I can relate to, fairly early on- should he want that too. I think mutual attraction and love are felt more completely through a medium which helps you get a feel for the other person. For me, if a relationship is to progress to marriage- if that is where both people wish to take it, conversing on the phone and meeting face to face will authentically determine this; sometimes pro-longed text and email conversations give you the illusion of knowing someone.
I would be most attracted to a man who is assertive enough to initiate phone conversations and meetings in person with me. I would admire a guy who was brave enough to tell me, if he thought I was the wrong person for him and would respect him for telling me this.
For me, lasting attraction is built on regular communication. I need a man who is happy to build a relationship with me, based on frequent conversations both before marriage and after. I am most attracted to a man who speaks the truth and acts upon it.

I am looking for someone whose values are compatible with mine or at least someone who differences I respect. I would be happy to reconsider my preferences if I met someone who strives towards excellent character and had a better vision than mine.
I need a rock; someone whose reliability matches my own.

I'm looking for someone who speaks fluent English and ask that if you do live in the UK, that you contact me, only if you're a British citizen since communication is invaluable in any relationship.

I would give consideration to someone of any race and marital status except polygamy. I would consider marrying someone who has one child.

My apologies if I've viewed your profile many times without a message; it can sometimes be hard to remember that you've already looked at a profile.

On the first of August of twenty-fifteen I did a sky-dive, to raise money for a hospital in Syria.

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Registration Reason
I'm registering to find myself a partner
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